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Reid McCarthy

My specialty is helping families where a spouse or parent has been admitted to a nursing home qualify for state and federal governmental benefits to pay for the care.  With nursing care costing an average of $6,000 per month, I am litteraly able to protect these seniors' life's savings.  In many cases, I also help families find the right assisted living or nursing facilities for their loved one and avoid some of the pitfalls of the housing selection process.  I also help families by providing traditional estate planning and estate administration services.   Finally, I advocate on behalf of vulnerable adults in cases of abuse and neglect.

Job Title: Attorney
Company: Legacy Law Center
College: Penn State University, Dickenson School of Law, University Park, PA
High School: Ann Arbor Community High, Ann Arbor, MI
Lives In: Chelsea

Legacy Law Center

300 N 5th Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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