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David Klingenberger at The Brinery - Ann Arbor

Feature Story

Who runs Ann Arbor? Some council members call for reform

Every August election primaries are held in Ann Arbor. And every August, nearly 90 percent of Ann Arbor shrugs its shoulders and stays home. In a city dominated by a single party that means a very small number of citizens are determining who sets the policies for our community. Some local leaders would like to things change.
Feature Story

The return of the pre-fab home

Millennials looking to buy their first homes and Boomers looking to downsize find factory-built or manufactured housing to be a good alternative that offers affordable, sturdy and green living. 
Special Report

What We've Lost: The community impact of invasive species

Invasive species are costly to Michigan cities and their residents, negatively affecting everyone's quality of life. Here's some of what we've lost to invasive species and how we can prevent future invasives from causing similar damage.
Feature Story

Deconstructing the past for a zero-energy future

After 30 years of neglect, two century-old Ann Arbor homes are being salvaged, nail-by-nail, for use in a new commercial net-zero energy building. How cool is that?
Development News

Main On The Park to sell $1M townhouses near downtown Ann Arbor

A couple of longtime rental houses just north of downtown Ann Arbor are set to be knocked down in order to make room for a small batch of townhomes. The pricetags for the units in this Main On The Park development could reach $1 million each. Coming down are 542 and 548 N Main St. Going up will be four townhomes measuring about 2,500 square feet ...
Innovation News

Ingenex Digital Marketing adds to clientele, staff in downtown Ann Arbor

Ingenex Digital Marketing is practicing a common equation for growing a business in downtown Ann Arbor: New clients plus more work equals a bigger bottom line and larger staff. The company has hired three people over the last year, including a graphic designer and content producer. It is also recruiting for two more content producer positions. ...
Development News

New Ann Arbor Amtrak station platform another step toward universal design

Smiling words and back slaps abounded when local leaders unveiled a new retractable platform at Ann Arbor's Amtrak station last week. But what is easily lost in the celebration is that this new improvement, while a welcome addition, is only one more move toward universal design that can make more transportations accessible to everyone. Think ...
In The News

The case for narrower traffic lanes

Though the concept might be a tough sell in auto-obsessed Michigan, studies show that wider traffic lanes are less safe than narrow lanes - especially in urban settings. Excerpt: "Given the empirical evidence that favours ‘narrower is safer’, the ‘wider is safer’ approach based on intuition should be discarded once and ...
Innovation News

Ann Arbor startups score seed capital from Innovation Fund

A couple of Ann Arbor-based startups have taken the lion's share of seed funding from the initial round of the Innovation Fund Macomb Community College, Powered by JPMorgan Chase & Co. MyFab5 and TurtleCell received the top awards, $100,000 each, from the Innovation Fund. The $100,000 investments are focused on helping push those startups ...
Feature Story

Michiganders have a voice when it comes to the protection and strategy regarding the state's water

What does Michigan's water mean to us? Everything. You can meet up with the Office of the Great Lakes' director and staff in your city to have your comments, questions and concerns heard and answered. 
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Just a hop, skip and jump down the road from Ann Arbor is the town CNN/Money Magazine calls one of the country's top 100 "Best Places to Live" (It's 42nd). Known for its annual Celtic Festival in July, this community of 9000 boasts great schools, a charming downtown and the kind of quality of life other communities drool over.

Meet a friend for coffee at the Drowsy Parrot, chow down on one of the best burgers you've ever had at Dan's Downtown Tavern or slurp oysters at Mac's Acadian Seafood. From its weekly farmer's market to a pair of nationally renowned high school bluegrass/fiddle groups, if you're looking for authetic midwestern living, look no further.

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