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Blimpy Burger and the Fleetwood Diner - Ann Arbor

Feature Story

Not just retail vs. restaurants: The rise of service businesses in downtown Ann Arbor

Successful downtowns are not locked in retail amber, they are an ever-evolving web of businesses, reacting to the needs of the community. To wit, Ann Arbor's core has seen more than just a spike in restaurants, there is also a vibrant and growing number of service businesses.
Special Report

Ann Arbor job growth is Gazelle-powered

Small firms are proving to be the primary job creators for new economy talent in Washtenaw County. Concentrate tracks two years of data and sees enough headroom for even more.
Innovation News

DeepField plans to move to bigger space to accommodate growth

DeepField is moving to a bigger office in downtown Ann Arbor, making room for more staff. The extra people are needed to keep up with the demand for the company's IT infrastructure platform. The Ann Arbor-based firm will be moving from its current office above the Michigan Theatre to the second floor of 111 N Ashley, taking over 5,200 square ...
Innovation News

Blaze Medical Devices earns first revenues, new investment and hires up next

Blaze Medical Device accomplished a big milestone many other bio-tech startups never even get close to. "For the first time we are generating revenues," says David Weaver, CEO of Blaze Medical Devices. The Ann Arbor-based startup made its first sale of its blood transfusion technology earlier this month. Blaze Medical Devices' ...
Innovation News

RightThereWare’s software improves auto navigation tech

Ever been in your car and end up getting to your destination long after your navigation system said you would? John Heed has, and it inspired him to solve that problem by launching his own startup, RightThereWare. The Ann Arbor-based company is creating a software platform that gives motorists more reliable and realistic estimated time of arrivals. ...
Innovation News

HiveLend creates web platform to connect beekeepers, farmers

Bees and farmers make a natural combination. A new startup launching out of Ann Arbor aims to make it profitable one for all involved. HiveLend is developing a web-platform that connects local farmers with hobbyists beekeepers with a matching algorithm. The idea is to connect the two groups to help better pollinate crops while putting some extra ...
Development News

Elevation Burger set to open in downtown Ann Arbor

Elevation Burger is opening its second location in Ann Arbor this week, bringing a slow-food business model to a traditional burger joint. The Virginia-based company specializes in making high-end burgers, using only 100 percent USDA-certified organic, grass-fed, and free-range beef that is freshly ground on the premises of each franchise. The idea ...
In The News

First steps in connecting Ann Arbor and Detroit public transit begin

It's been a long torturous route and there's no doubt the logistical and political agony will continue, but progress is being made -albeit slowly- to link Ann Arbor, Detroit and the surrounding suburbs via public transit. Knock on wood, say a little prayer and light a candle for things to develop at reasonable pace. Excerpt: Michael Ford is ...
In The News

Ann Arbor native Andrew W.K. launches a podcast

First a weekly newspaper column, now a podcast. Give hims few years and Ann Arbor native Andrew W.K. may make a bid for Howard Stern's King Of All Media throne. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/america-w-k
In The News

Zingerman's now available at Detroit airport

Travelers cannot (and should not) eat by fast food alone. It's about time that DTW got something a little better than bags of processed food dropped into a multinational franchisee's fryer. Enter Ann Arbor foodie stalwart Zingerman's! Hopefully sales will be good enough to inspire an actual Zing's cafe. Until then... Excerpt: ...
Innovation News

Endeavor report calls for focus on gazelle startups to spur job growth

"Scaleups are a really important part of creating new jobs," says Mike Goodwin, project leader with Endeavor Insight. "They have the most potential for creating new jobs."
Development News

Ypsilanti's Washington Place Apts rehabs building without displacing residents

When it comes time to redevelop an apartment building in an up-and-coming part of downtown it usually means the developer must move the old tenants out in order to execute the work. Beal Properties is turning that strategy on its head. The Ypsilanti-based construction company is redeveloping the Washington Place Apts this spring and summer. ...
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Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has it all: the University of Michigan, great shopping, bars and restaurants and amazing concert venues. It also has a vitality that few college towns across the country can boast. It's the kind of city that draws in undergrads and then keeps them for good.

Toss a rock into the air and it'd be hard not to hit a cafe, bistro, or high-tech startup. From its ever-thriving summer Art Fair to its venerable Film Festival, the city consistently tops national quality of life surveys --Forbes, Money/CNN, Sperlings, the list goes on and on. Its school system is first rate, green spaces dominate the landscape and nearly 70% of the population holds a college degree. This small but mighty city is Michigan's leader in innovation.

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