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Aaron McCullough of University of Michigan Press

Plot twists in Ann Arbor's publishing scene

Like the rest of the nation, Ann Arbor's publishing industry has undergone quite a bit of upheaval. The rise of e-readers and print-on-demand has presented both challenges and opportunities. Still, there is an active and even innovative local book scene, filled with readers, writers and publishers. 


Our Post-Pfizer Economy

When Pfizer left Ann Arbor it was hard not to view the glass as half empty. Five years and 16 start-ups later, that perspective has started to reverse. And in many ways, the transition from one large company to many more entrepreneurial efforts is exactly what our community and state needs to establish a healthier long term economy.


Ann Arbor By Way Of Boston

Trailing spouses. It's not uncommon to find them in Ann Arbor. When Mark Shalinsky's wife landed a position at U-M, this top tier academic couple left Boston for the Mitten. But rather than beat the pavement looking for employment, Shalinsky brought his job with him.
3 Articles | Page:
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