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The Three Laws of Skyline High School Robotics

Eagle Imperium Team 3322 from Skyline High School has six weeks to build a 120-pound remote-controlled robot before the first district competition on March 14. They have limited resources, limited funds and limited time. Nobody is panicking. Yet.

Ann Arbor: Birthplace of the Ultimate Mobile Device?

Are you ready for your car to go driverless? While it's arguable as to whether Michigan will remain the international manufacturing center for auto bodies and interiors, the Ann Arbor area is likely to become the industry's brain center as research ramps up on wirelessly connected, self-driving car systems.

Guest Blogger: Emily Puckett Rodgers

Bet there's a lot to be done with a marshmallow shooter if you noodle on it. And if the recent Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire is any indication, the tech and creative worlds are in our hands. A2Geeks board member and fair organizer Emily Puckett Rodgers highlights the economic benefit wrought by these makers and entrepreneurs.

On the Bleeding Edge of 3D

If you're wondering when we'll finally get that holodeck Star Trek promised, the folks at University of Michigan's 3D Lab could probably give you a decent ETA. From 3D printers to digital models to immersive virtual environments, these tech wizards are pushing the 3D envelope. And their technology is accessible to students and members of the public alike.

Hands on deck for All Hands Active

Hackerspaces, makerspaces, whatever you call them, they're pretty dang cool. All Hands Active churns out high, low and in-between tech inventions in downtown Ann Arbor, accomodating everyone from kids to start-ups. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar descends into their subterranean lair to get the low down.
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Technology Blogs

Dug Song

Start ups, skate parks, hacker culture... these represent the future of Ann Arbor if Dug Song has anything to say about it. The VP of engineering at virtual cable provider Zattoo, Dug will be writing about where we need to go and what we need to do to keep the best and brightest here in Tree Town.
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Technology Videos

The Care & Feeding of Student Entrepreneurs

U-M's TechArb is a renowned student start-up incubator that helps nourish the Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem. At our last speaker event, they not only gave us the skinny on how it works, but had a trio of studentpreneurs pitch their up and coming companies to the audience. Check out the video.

Start-up 101: Mentoring new U-M businesses

Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. U-M's Tech Transfer office, along with its new Michigan Venture Center, have started a mentorship program that turns technologists into entrepreneurs. As a result they expect to see a 20% bump in start-up launches.

All Hands Active

Make it yourself. Or get others to help you. All Hands Active lives up to its name as Ann Arbor's ever-industrious hackpace, a place where inventors, innovators, designers, and crafters plot the overthrow of the status quo... or just make some really cool stuff.

Advanced Photonix

Care about high speed Internet? Blazing fast computer processing? Medical and security scanners that safely identify threats? Then you should be a fan of Advanced Photonix, a company that moved part of its operations from California to Ann Arbor.

Tech Brewery

From $50 desk rentals to million dollar start-ups, Tech Brewery is a coworking space that caters to Ann Arbor's tech entrepreneurs. Professional collaborations, tech meet-ups and beer-fueled social gatherings are all part of the mix in this innovative workspace.
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