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Tyler Carr

As production manager I'm responsible for planning and scheduling our manufacturing operation to ensure that our products are produced efficiently, on time, and at or above the standards expected by our customers. I'm also responsible for ensuring that new products are phased in smoothly, developing and maintaining production metrics, and directing ongoing improvements to our process, equipment, and facilities.  It's definitely a lot; but it's also a lot of fun!  I'm fortunate to have a great bunch of co-workers and a shop full of truly gifted craftspeople who care greatly about the products we're making.  I'm also really lucky to work for a company who makes products that genuinely excite me.

I came to Leon in a rather roundabout way.  Shortly after moving to Ann Arbor, I started playing bass in a surf band (Tokyo Sexwhale) which was founded by three Leon employees.  After meeting one of the owners at a practice, I was offered a job on the assembly line.  I worked on the line for about two years, then worked my way into product design and development which I did for 9 months, and now I'm supervising our whole manufacturing operation--I couldn't have planned that if I wanted to!

Ann Arbor has really been a great place for me, and U/M's presence makes it really appealing to stay. I've been DJing at the campus radio station, WCBN, since moving to town; and I'm looking forward to starting an MBA program at the Ross within a couple of years.

Job Title: Production Manager
Company: Leon Speakers
College: Wabash College, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Crawfordsville, IN

Lynn Corker

I am responsible for creating and implementing full cycle recruiting strategies to meet near term and long term recruiting needs. I work to develop local and national recruiting plans, partner with existing third party vendors and recruiters, employ traditional sourcing strategies and resources as well as develop new, innovative recruiting ideas.My position plays a critical role in ensuring that the organization is finding high quality talent. I also have oversight of the immigration and work authorization visa processes for new employees and existing employees.

Job Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist
Company: Amcor
College: Concordia University, Bachelor of Science, Family Life and Psychology, Ann Arbor, MI

Mark Holt

The Cayman IT department is a service organization providing technology solutions for all of our offices including our global headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan as well as locations in Estonia, Czech Republic, and Australia. Running this global service department as the Director of IT at Cayman, I drive all the technology solutions of the business. This has many responsibilities including strategic planning as a member of the Executive Team, managing budgets, partnering with consulting houses across the globe, negotiations with IT equipment resellers, managed print solution providers, telecommunications vendors, infrastructure purchasing, etc. as well as analyzing, defining, and managing significant web and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems development and deployment projects.

Job Title: Director of Information Technology
Company: Cayman Chemical
College: Eastern Michigan University, College of Business, Computer Information Systems, Ypsilanti, MI

Chevetta Burton

I operate in various areas of human resources: ensuring compliance of regulations and laws, write standard operating procedures, recruiting, training, safety, payroll, consulting,etc. I am also an author. A dream of mine to write fiction romance without sex dominating the whole book has become reality.  My goal is to write stories which are page turners and free flowing throughout so that the reader will have a hard time putting the book down. With so much negativity going on in the world it's nice to sit down and read a nice love story. My debut novel Aloha...A New Beginning has proven to be just that.  If you click on my guestbook link from the bio page on my website, www.chevettaburton.com, you can see what others have said about the book.

Job Title: Human Resource Manager and Author
Company: Alpha Packaging
College: Eastern Michigan University, College of Business, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Ypsilanti, MI

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