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Ypsilanti's untold Native American past

Local blogger Mark Maynard has a fascinating interview with local historian Matthew Siegfried about Ypsilanti's indigenous past and the burial site found on the city's Water Street property. 


"It’s important to emphasize that these groups had, and made, their own history. We know, for instance, that smallpox decimated the local Potawatomie villages 1752. And, in 1787, the disease struck the Wyandot villages. And another epidemic in 1813 further weakened an already hard hit population.

And the groups around Ypsilanti would have been active in the defining events of that era. They debated how to use the rivalries between the French, English, and later Americans, to protect and further their own interests. The Wyandot were particularly divided over these questions."

Read the rest here. It's pretty amazing stuff.

Ypsilanti Library gets graphic novel grant

You know grpahic novels (aka comic books) are finally being accepted as valid works of art when libraries get grants to start offering them.
"The Ypsilanti District Library announced Thursday that it was one of two libraries in the nation to receive a $7,000 grant to increase its selection of graphic novels on the shelves.
The district was awarded the Will Eisner Graphic Novel Award from Eisner’s family foundation."
Read the rest here.

Local blogger takes on anti-transit groups

Blogger and Ypsilanti resident Mark Maynard is no stranger to Concentrate's pages. His sporadic Exit Interview series is about as good as it gets for a ground-view perspective of living in our communities. Lately, Maynard has cast his ear and eye on the fight over whether Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority should expand its service and those who oppose the idea.
"I should know better than to try to make sense of the arguments being offered by the rag tag band anti-tax activists who have come together to fight the AAATA millage we’ll be voting on next month, but, when I heard that they’d launched a website, I thought that I’d check it out, and see if maybe they’d figured out a way, in the time since we last discussed this, to better articulate their concerns.
What I found, though, was an absolute mess… an intellectually inconsistent barrage of unsubstantiated nonsense."
Read the rest (and comments) here.

College towns like Ann Arbor beget more notable people

Why do famous folks come from college communities? Apparently it's a combination of nature (smart parents) and nurture (innovative environment). Or so says Wikipedia.
"Another key element he adds is "exposure to early innovation," citing the businesses that take off in colleges and, particularly for notable musicians, the exposure to innovative record stores, concerts and radio stations.
He attributes exposure to ideas as key to the success of those born in cities. "It's much better to grow up around ideas than to grow up around backyards," Stephens-Davidowitz remarks."
Read and watch the rest here.


Ann Arbor area among happiest metros in the US

Though you might not know it reading the comment section of the local paper, Ann Arbor is a happy happy place.
"Some metro areas scored higher than others for the different factors used to determine well-being. Ann Arbor, Mich., scored highest in life evaluation. Meanwhile, Honolulu, Hawaii, scored highest for emotional health and San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles in California scored highest for work environment. Holland-Grand Haven in Michigan scored highest for physical heath and access to basic necessities, and Salinas, Calif., scored highest for healthy behaviors."
Read the rest here.

Proponents of AATA transit expansion dissect opposition

On May 6 voters in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township will decide whether to fund the AATA's plan to expand services. An opposition group has formed, making various claims about the millages failures and shortcomings. Blogger Mark Maynard brought together a trio of proponents to discuss their campaign.
"The small but loud opposition relies on this argument to fire people up. “We don’t benefit, so we’ll vote no.” They present it as black and white, and ignore the general benefits, which are numerous. They don’t acknowledge the fact that mass transit alleviates road congestion, improves safety, makes parking spaces easier to come by, etc. If they don’t have a bus stop right outside their house, and routes that take them directly from their first appointment of the day to their last, and back home again, they’re completely against it. They’re demanding something of a bus service that’s just not realistic. The truth is, our local transit service has been continually improving (AirRide service to Detroit Metro Airport, expanded NightRide service, increased frequency of service on routes 4 and 5, etc.), and there will be even more options for people if this millage is passed"
Read the rest here.

Public input wanted on Ann Arbor transit routes

Transportation planners are interested in hearing from Ann Arborites about several proposed high capacity public transit connectors. 

Read and listen about here.
There's a presentation about the six potential routes here.
You can weigh by attending their public information meetings. The schedule is here.

Ann Arbor area has new technology job mojo

Washtenaw County secures further evidence that we are a destination for technological innovation... at least when it comes to private-sector jobs that are in related to technology and information. Considering the cities on the Progressive Policy Institute's list, being ranked 18th in the nation is pretty darn good. 
"On average, the top 25 counties, as measured by the Index, showed an average private sector job gain of 2.4% between 2007 and 2012. That doesn’t seem like much, but the remaining counties had a decline of 3.5%. In other words, a vibrant tech/info sector tended to make the difference between a local economy that had recovered by 2012, and one that was still in decline. 
The implication is that policies to encourage tech/info growth are more likely to boost the overall economy. Innovation creates well-paying jobs. What’s more, the diversity of places on our list suggests a high-growth economy is not just for traditional tech powerhouses such as Silicon Valley, but has broader applicability."
See the rankings here.

Birthday bash and custom-made beer for the 493 year-old Violin Monster

Come celebrate the Violin Monster's birthday with a bash at Corner Brewing this Thursday! There's not only music but a specially made beer in his honor.
"Corner Brewery, located at 720 Norris St. in Ypsilanti, will be hosting the Violin Monster’s 493rd Birthday Bash on Thursday from 6 p.m. to midnight.
The Violin Monster, who clarified things a bit, said he’s a werewolf and was born Oct. 3, 1520 in Ireland, but now calls Ann Arbor home.
“I feel like Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor are so connected, and I feel like I’ve been embraced by the community,” he said.
When asked whether or not he has an alter ego, he said, “I am known simply as Violin Monster.”"
Read the rest here.

DIYpsi brings indie art and craft beer to Heritage Festival

Missed the Shadow Art Fair? Well, the spirit of that event is alive (albeit with a different mix of folks) at Ypsilanti's Heritaghe Festival courtesy the fine folks at DIYpsi.
"This is the first year DIYpsi has partnered with the Heritage Festival. “Festival organizers had come to us with the idea of us bringing the DIYpsi show inside the festival,” Green said. “Everyone agreed it would be a great collaboration for the community. DIYpsi had ideas about putting on a summer show, but without a venue or the know-how of how to offer beer and music outside, and the Heritage Fest already had all of that and just needed the artists.”
Drinkable offerings in the beer tent will range from standard American brews from large beer companies to Michigan wine and beer, including offerings from Ann Arbor’s Wolverine State Brewing."
Read more here.
Click here for more info on the festival

Arbor Brewing Co. supports "Clean Water"

Ann Arbor's Arbor Brewing Co. is one of 20 brewers in the country pledging to reduce the amount of water used in their brewing process, and who are also urging President Obama to reinstate the Clean Water Act.


"Beer is ninety percent water...Once you account for the brewing process, it takes around five gallons of water to produce just one gallon of beer....

Since Obama is himself a home brewer (though it seems unlikely he has any time to ferment these days), the NRDC has corralled a group of 20 craft breweries—from big hitters such as Sierra Nevada and New Belgium to small guys like Michigan's Arcadia and Brooklyn's Kelso—who have made a pledge to make their operations more water-efficient and have signed a letter to the Obama Administration, urging it to pass guidance from the EPA that would put muscle back into the Clean Water Act."

More here

WCC Students win 3 local Emmys

It's easy to forget that U-M and EMU aren't the only higher learning institutions in the area. Washtenaw Community College is so much more than your typical commuter school. This five digital media students brough home a trio of Emmys for their work. And it's not the first time WCC students have done so.
"Five WCC digital media students received Michigan Emmys for their work at the 35th Emmy Gala on June 15. This is the second consecutive year WCC students have returned to campus with Emmys in hand.

A documentary film by George Pariseau, Kevin Jackson, and Eileen Meier, “The Flow,” won in the Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs category. The film showcases some of Ann Arbor’s fire and acrobatic performers, and was recognized for outstanding achievement in reporting on activities devoted to cultural or artistic significance."
Read the rest here.

Rolling Stone dubs Michelle Chamuel "The Little Indie Artist Who Could"

Rock's venerable and premiere magazine has a straight talking interview with Ann Arbor fave and second place winner on "the Voice" Michelle Chamuel.
"You've mentioned fake hair a couple of times. . . .
Yeah, one of the creative suggestions that came in was for me to wear a ponytail during my performance of Pink's "Just Give Me a Reason," so they put a whole bunch of fake hair in. I was squirming in the chair, really not happy about it, but they were like, "Just try it." So I went onstage to rehearse, and I crush my hair in my hands a lot when I’m singing, and I managed to get a handful of this beautiful hair that was once someone else’s and is now dead on my head and I said, "I can’t sing like this, this feels so wrong.""
Read the rest here.

Car-sharing comes to Ypsilanti

U-M lead the way. Followed by A2 then EMU. NOw, Yspi is climbing aboard the car sharing bandwagon, with two rent-by-the-hour cars in their downtown.
"The program will begin with two cars being available for rental, but could expand to include more.
"If it's successful, we will look into adding more cars once we have some more usage data," Wessler said.
The cars will be placed in the Washington Street parking lot near the Ypsilanti Transit Center. The city does not foresee any security issues, but will deal with any on a case-by-case basis."
Read the rest here.

Solar power in limelight at TedX EMU event

In a quest to put 1,000 solar roofs over Ypsilanti heads, solar extraordinaire Dave Strenski spoke out at the recent TedX EMU event. 

Catch the video here.
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