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Software Design

When it comes to 1s and 0s, Washtenaw County can code with the best of them. We are both a virtual and literal hub for software design. Whether it's the logistics simulations of Llamasoft , the game-inspired creations of Reactor Zero, the consumer index algorithms of CFI Group, new kids on the block Procuit and Boomdash, or the customer-catered innovations of Menlo Innovations, the virtual world is our oyster.


Court Innovations AB

Seeing is believing spurs growth for Court Innovations

Ann Arbor-based Court Innovations has created software that can navigate local online court systems for civil infractions and is used Grand Rapids, Highland Park, Ypsilanti, and East Lansing. Next up, expanding into New York, Florida, and California.

Dug Song of Duo Security

Welcome to the Year of the Gazelle

Over the next year, we will identify the fastest-growing local companies and tell you the behind-the-scenes stories of the entrepreneurs, investors, and the resources that are building Michigan's new economy.

Molly Leonard at SPARK East

Changing careers in the startup lane

In today's economy, finding a job is challenge enough. Now try finding one at age 45. Or 55. And in a different field. Where do you start? How do you present decades of work experience to an industry unfamiliar with your skill set? Shifting Gears is a career-transition program for mid-to-late-career professionals looking for a second act.

GameStart Minecraft classes at Menlo Innovations

GameStart: Minecraft Class Is Now In Session

The computer gaming industry earns more than $60 billion dollars each year. Hollywood's use of computer animation only grows. Yet computer programming is not a focus in K-12 education in Michigan. The folks at GameStart see both an educational and entrepreneurial opportunity. They offer programming classes to 3rd through 8th grade students with a focus on the game that sets every kid's heart a-flutter.

Dilip Nigam of Arborwind with a model of his wind turbine

Ann Arbor Startups That Don't Start in Ann Arbor (But We Wish They Did)

Ann Arbor may be Michigan's hotbed for innovative startups but sometimes those innovations have trouble gaining a toe-hold in the local market. From healthcare apps to wind energy technology, Concentrate takes a look at a trio of technologies we'd like to see more of here.
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How does a company efficiently get its stuff from the manufacturer to the warehouse to store shelves? What if the store is in Berlin? Or Singapore? What if it's hurricane season? These are just a few of the millions of questions companies ask themselves when it comes to supply chain logistics. And Ann Arbor's LLamasoft helps them figure it all out.

All Hands Active

Make it yourself. Or get others to help you. All Hands Active lives up to its name as Ann Arbor's ever-industrious hackpace, a place where inventors, innovators, designers, and crafters plot the overthrow of the status quo... or just make some really cool stuff.

Pixel Velocity

Pixel Velocity is watching. Or rather they're letting you watch. This Ann Arbor-based company creates high-speed digital image processing products for the surveillance and medical imaging markets. See them seeing you.


"Microns matter," is the slogan for Ann Arbor's Coherix, which creates holographic optical mechanical measuring systems for automotive and semiconductor manufacturers. Hey, now there's a mouthful. Still, it's the kind of cutting-edge technological innovation that Ann Arbor has become synonomous for.

Quantum Signal

Pound for pound, Ann Arbor-based Quantum Signal is tops for cool-geek technology. From video gaming to controls for unmanned aerial drones to camouflage detection and recognition, the company sees a world of possibilities for its core technologies. They've got their virtual mitts in military applications, industrial robotics and computer gaming, blurring the line between armchair warriors and real world applications
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