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Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location
Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location - Doug Coombe | Show Photo


Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks
Whether it's Google Adwords opening in downtown Ann Arbor, Healthmedia leading the way with online health resources, Hass MS&L storming the web with innovative ad campaigns, the sturm und drang of local bloggers or the community-based efforts of Wireless Ypsi, Washtenaw County understands that the Internet is a heckuva lot more than a bunch of tubes; it is our cultural and economic future.

Internet Features

Duo Security: More Than Just a Workplace

Can a cutting edge startup be both success-minded and fun? According to Duo Security's Dug Song, the answer is an unequivocal "yes." Achieving astounding growth over four years, this Ann Arbor Internet security firm has not only become the local company to watch, it has developed a family-like workplace that's creative, supportive and innovative.

#A2Council Is Now In Session

Twitter has entered Ann Arbor City Council chambers. Twice a month local tweeters comment live on what our local council critters are up to. Sometimes informative, sometimes snarky, they turn what can be an evening of dry procedure into an energetic community conversation. And they even hold council-viewing parties!

A Shared Future: Ryan Gourley of A2Share

In the Internet Age everything old is new again. Take bartering and trade. Not a new concept. But wIth the rise of services like Sidecar and Couchsurfing.com, or even local efforts like Selma Cafe, there have been exciting innovations in collaborative consumption. Ryan Gourley, a U-M grad student, thought that local sharing-based organizations could use a better way to connect. 

Put A Bird In It: The Business of Bird Pants

When entrepreneurship intersects with the arts something unexpected usually happens. For Missy Orge, chief program officer at Food Gatherers, it's meant a side business creating bird pants. Yup, you read that right. Trousers for our fine-feathered friends. 

Seeding the Ground for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

The risks to startup culture are a two-way street. Not only must you convince investors to make a calculated leap of faith, you also need talent that's willing to commit sweat equity to an uncertain future. The Adams Entrepreneur Fellowship Program is looking to make the second half of that equation a little easier while applying a slow-food strategy toward fostering local entrepreneurship.
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Internet Blogs

Chad Wiebesick

Does Ann Arbor have its own Mad Men culture? Chad Wiebesick says yes. As the Interactive Strategy Director at Perich Advertising + Design and president of the Ann Arbor Ad Club he probably knows what he's talking about. Guess what he'll be writing about in this week's guest blog?

Rob Cleveland

Rob Cleveland knows what it takes to build something out of nothing. A former auto biz writer, he not only grew ICON Creative Technologies Group into a successful 30 person firm, he recently opened the Grange Kitchen in downtown Ann Arbor. Rob believes in the value of tax incentives, and explains how they'll help Michigan develop much-needed entrepreneurs like himself.

Rick DeVos

Rick DeVos is the creator behind ArtPrize and other ventures that have a common theme of empowering, expanding and enlightening conversation. His interest in using social media to decentralize control of the event has excited some and rankled others. Whichever side you fall on, one thing is certain: This inaugural year represents a huge social experiment. Rick's here to talk about it this week.

Catherine Juon

Catherine Juon likes exclamation points. It's an enthusiasm thing. Which makes sense when you consider the success she's seen as Pure Visibilty's Co-Founder & Catalyst. Catherine will be blogging this week about Internet marketing, what it's like to helm a woman-owned tech company, and talking to other women business leaders about their experiences.

Dug Song

Start ups, skate parks, hacker culture... these represent the future of Ann Arbor if Dug Song has anything to say about it. The VP of engineering at virtual cable provider Zattoo, Dug will be writing about where we need to go and what we need to do to keep the best and brightest here in Tree Town.
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Internet Videos

Tech Brewery

From $50 desk rentals to million dollar start-ups, Tech Brewery is a coworking space that caters to Ann Arbor's tech entrepreneurs. Professional collaborations, tech meet-ups and beer-fueled social gatherings are all part of the mix in this innovative workspace.

Ann Arbor's 24-Hour Downtown

Can Ann Arbor become Michigan's frontline in the battle to end its brain drain? With its downtown slowly evolving into a dynamic place to live, work and play, people like Googler Brian Tschoepe are finding more and more reasons to stay.


Robots. Dragons. Record label. Quack! Media tossed out the rule book for selling music, books and videos to create an alternative media empire in downtown Ann Arbor. From irreverant educational videos to hip coffee table mags, they create high-tech, handmade quality entertainment.

ForeSee Results

What encourages a customer to buy instead of just browse? How do you keep buyers coming back? For some, customer satisfaction is the riddle of the Sphinx. For the gurus at ForeSee Results, it's an opportunity to understand the wants, needs and habits of online shoppers. 
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