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As start-up central, Washtenaw County is the face of things to come in Michigan. Whether its biotech companies like Ann Arbor's QuatRx, Cerenis, or HandyLab, the alternative energy innovations of Danotek and Adaptive Materials,  Internet gurus like SpamStopsHere and Pure Visibility, or the Jolly Pumpkin microbrewers of Dexter, economic pioneers are reshaping the state's business landscape.

You can't stop them, so why not join them?


Stefanie Stauffer and Ryan Padgett at Tillian Farm, Ann Arbor

National round-up: The secret(s) to sustainable urban farms

Urban agriculture, once a buzz-y idea for transforming vacant spaces, has taken root in cities across America. Now, cities and farmers are thinking about how to make the movement sustainable year-round and long-term.

Stefanie Staufer with her hot peppers at Tilian Farm

A fresh crop of local entrepreneurial farmers

Though affordable land has become a significant barrier to entry, the Tilian Farm Development Center is helping a new generation of farmers work local fields. They're savvy about social media, understand the strengths of niche marketing, and are, increasingly, women.

AFC Ann Arbor owners at Hollway Field

AFC Ann Arbor: A new local startup with big goals

The folks behind AFC Ann Arbor knew their soccer team was a startup with great potential for growth. What they didn't bargain for was creating an entire industry -in this case league- for them to play in. But that's just what they did. Last month was the launch of the Great Lakes Premier League.


Ann Arbor job growth is Gazelle-powered

Small firms are proving to be the primary job creators for new economy talent in Washtenaw County. Concentrate tracks two years of data and sees enough headroom for even more.

Mark Smith at the future incubator site

A plan to make Ann Arbor Michigan's startup city

To establish a true startup culture, Ann Arbor needs more than just a SPARK. It needs incubator, research and co-working spaces that can accommodate a growing and wide variety of needs and disciplines. Mark Smith hopes to address that with his ambitious plan to build an entrepreneurial campus on the outskirts of the city.
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Entrepreneur speaker event

The Care & Feeding of Student Entrepreneurs

U-M's TechArb is a renowned student start-up incubator that helps nourish the Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem. At our last speaker event, they not only gave us the skinny on how it works, but had a trio of studentpreneurs pitch their up and coming companies to the audience. Check out the video.


The Art Of The Tale: Stories from Entre-SLAM

At Concentrate's last speaker event local entrepreneurs weighed in on how they put their dent in the universe. It was an Entre-SLAM sampler that awarded pickles, Pez, and cold hard cash to the best tales told. Check it out.


Ann Arbor's Food Cart Culture

The weather was perfect, the beverages were flowing, and the conversation was spirited at October's speaker event on food cart culture at Bill's Beer Garden. From economic costs to health codes to business opposition to entrepreneurial opportunity, a panel of experts discussed this exciting dining trend and what it might mean for Ann Arbor and communities around the region. Check out the video.

Start-up 101: Mentoring new U-M businesses

Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. U-M's Tech Transfer office, along with its new Michigan Venture Center, have started a mentorship program that turns technologists into entrepreneurs. As a result they expect to see a 20% bump in start-up launches.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

  From its gorgeous painted labels to its crafted oak barrel flavors, Dexter's Jolly Pumpkin Ales is all about bringing an artist's touch to brewing. It's an approach that's winning them fans (and awards) all across the nation, and has, of course, inspired one of A2's most popular brewpubs.
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